Smoking iPods cheap

Payless 4 Apple iPod @

I did stumble upon A wholesale-to-public Internet site called Pick Egg. Wow! some of the specials are amazing. They’re selling discount wholesale electronics, & discount wholesale gadgets so consumers payless

This company appears to be based in Hong Kong, but still offering free shipping worldwide by the Postal Service

It’s a great site to pick up an Apple iPod, that’s 4 sure. They’ve got 5th generation iPods with the 2.2-inch full color screen, 4GB storage less than thirty something US dollars. You can see all the players specs by clicking on the Adobe image

Needless to say, this is the same iPod i’ve got, & i recall paying near $200.00 for mine a few years ago. Great quality though, & it’s never let me down

Check out these published price list…

Quantity, Curreny, Price (Per Piece), Processing Times
1–5, USD, $26.37, 1–2 Days
6–10, USD, $25.61, 2–3 Days
11–20, USD, $24.86, 3–4 Days
21+,USD, $24.10, 4–5 Days

Needless to say if you’ve some spare change snap em up cause they’ll be selling out



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