Burning the Midnight Oil

Call the Police. This liquid speed java should be illegal

We’re burning the midnight oil here att Mighty Fleiss Radio. It’s all 2 bring you the latest music information, links, & news. Well, here’s the spin. The Sun is out in California, the beach is packed, & the weatherman said it’s bright sunshine till Sunday. Traffic is still crap though

Next week, i’ve booked a flight on Virgin Atlantic to visit Richard Branson in the U.K. We will be discussing British fashion brands that could be selling billions in the US retail stores like JC Penney, Nordstrom, Kmart, & the like. Richard promised me a ride in his submarine, & i’m trying to convince him to let me pilot his hot air balloon

So, there’s alot to do before the trip beyond packing my carry on. It’s a no doze for me

As of late, of kids & fans, that’s all folks ask. “How can a blogger like me manage to stay awake (often to the weii hours of the morning) doing bloggING

Well, sorry 2 disappoint but it’s no real secrect. I just load up on Costa Rican Coffe like Cafe Britt & Bob’s you Uncle

I’m working on a killer post now bout new releases


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