Benefits of Zune HD & Subscriber Service

A lot of folks have been asking if i’m being paid by Apple iTunes 2 write this blog (given all the iTunes links). The answer is no, i like Steve Jobs but i’m an anarchist & his liberal progressive view vs my state of chaos idealism would clash like titans. i run this blog using independent blog technique, experimental advertising language, an artistic touch, & special powers that keep my communications in constant contact with the music community at large

i’ve been blogging about Barnes & Noble for Vinyl L.P’s & books, for Blu-ray, for consumer electronics, for used compact discs, & Apple iTunes for legal music downloads. Believe it or not, Microsoft have a cool music subscription service too, a competitor to iTunes called Zune

Subscribers to Zune can stream an unlimited amount of songs on their PC, Xbox, Window 7 Phone, or Zune HD. Users download the Zune software, subscribe to a Zune Pass ($15.95 month), & get to keep 10 songs per month as permanent downloads. It’s a great deal for your entertainment

My Brother Stanley has been on Zune for 4 years now, & he says he very satisfied. He reckons he’s saved himself a bundle by avoiding a few album duds he might have otherwise bought. Mind you, he one of the wild ones who bought his Zune HD to match the color of his Converse All Stars

All genres of music are available on Zune including indie, alt pop, alternative, grunge, metal, Jazz, Classical, etc & you can also download movies too


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  1. sounds like u would know, inn A fakey type way 🙂

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