How can we make them pay!!!

Mighty Fleiss Radio
News Release
by Gay Murdoch

Negotiations between Mighty Fleiss Radio’s C.E,O Glen ugly Naughty, & Inc. Magazine editor, Jane Berentson, may stumble upon a road block

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“Leading Man”, a proposed adverting spot that’s a fusion of poetry, 76 words in 30 Spitfire seconds is creating new issues with it’s potential buyers

Inc. Magazine benefits from increased subscription rates, increased advertising revenue, viral buzz, & more small business will benefit from the publications influential content

While Glen maintains “100 Grand pays the bills”, Jane’s counter offer of ten K leaves “Leading Man” looking like A sore loser

Glen insists that A 15% agency discount (or surcharge depending on the network) on media buys, plus, prepayment on the production cost is paramount 2 concede on Jane’s silly asking price. “Let’s make “”Leading Man”” A reality leader for Inc., Mansueto Ventures, & Jane Berentson “. Glen wrote on his blog Tuesday

Mighty Fleiss Radio must chase, place, then buy target video media, while Inc., utilize their established credit & initiate direct billings with specific media networks like Columbia Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, ABC, FOX, & CWTV

As of this writing, i called Jane Berentson’s mansion on the phone 4 comment, but her Butler said she was att the office, not @home


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