Guess There’s Always the Sun

It’s hard not watch the News right now. It’s chaos, bedlam, & Anarchy in the U.K. News Corporation, a legendary tower of strength, leans, toppled
crippled, as it’s flagship “News of The
World” lays ice cold, dead. Self Mortal Combat, corporate espionage, then suicide

AM i personally responsible (Askmark)

I once wrote a song called “A Wall Street Toy (Drat That Young Bloody Murdoch!)”  It’s one of my favorites, & folks at my live gigs usually respond with kind

The middle verse…

Curtains Wide @ The Holiday Inn
Read The Sunday Paper
or Sleep in
Young (James) Murdoch
Stole my honey
A Warning
Don’t Ever go through LAX

The final verse then goes on to accuse Randall Stephenson, the C.E.O of at&t of line tapping (wire tapping) WMG. Nice…

Guess it’s just all seems 2 Ring A Bell right now. Tide turning…perhaps nostelga

Which reminds me, “There’s Always The Sun” – The Stranglers

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