A trip to SecondSpin.com: Costa Mesa, California


Greeting all

It’s been a Stella weekend

i’ve just got back from from Target Stores with one Cherokee, two Mead Exercise Books, 4 Bic Yellow #2 pencils, one rubber eraser, A Large Box of Snott, Puffs tissues, A Reach brand toothbrush, & A cup Starbucks coffee

No CD selection worth mentioning there though. It’s O.K if you’re into the main stream pop like Top 40, “TMZ”, e channel type teeny bopper stuff. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, & Justin Timberlake rule by their own right,  but i’m A “Leading Man”, i need an alternative indie pop selection

Solution. i did swing by the SecondSpin.com, a music retail store in Costa Mesa (Orange County, California), & picked up a few pre-owned compact discs. Their nice wide selection of indie included picks like Bright Eyes, The Editors, Public Image Inc, Sublime, Social Distortion, & The Jam. Also picked up a free copy of the OC Weekly

It’s great to head on to the real music retail environment. I miss the Virgin Mega Stores, Tower Records, & so many of the independent mom & pops shops. Hours of fun…like a scavenger hunt

Anyhow, the manager (Bob Ford if i remember correctly), told me to blog about his stores on the Internet cause it tough being an indie music retailer these days. SecondSpin.com has California locations in Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, & Sherman Oaks. He also said he got some National specials going on the Internet butt i forgot what they where…i was in a Rush…had 2 make deadline…there was no time



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