OMG! Pink Floyd on Vinyl @ Barnes & Noble!

So, there must be a God

i confess i didn’t even know Barnes & Noble sold vinyl records till now. L.P’s only though, no 7″‘s, otherwise i’d be Flogging The Fleiss 45’s to their music buyers all day

Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” is A classic album including Roger Waters on Vocals/Electric guitar, & David Gilmour on guitar/keyboards

This primetime Pink Floyd sound creates the best modern music the world has ever heard. It’s easy on the ears


1 Speak to Me/Breathe 4:00
2 On the Run 3:32
3 Time 7:06
4 The Great Gig in the Sky 4:44
5 Money 6:31
6 Us and Them 7:40
7 Any Colour You Like 3:25
8 Brain Damage 3:50
9 Eclipse 2:04

I’m sure everyone knows this record anyhow, butt great 2 see it’s back on vinyl from EMI’s US distributor


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