Let’s Go!!! Remember The Ramones

I did stumble upon this old Ramones double L.P on called Mania whist surfing the darkest corner of Buy.com

The Ramones: Mainia

I remember the day.

MGD on the balcony with my friends, lighting the patio furniture on fire, smoking endless Joe Camel, cool jackets, & finishing a full bottle of Jack Daniels before we even did start

30 songs on this brute. Mania is basically “The Best Off” or “The Essential Collection” of The Ramones

Too many classics & hits to list, butt among my favorites…

I Wanna Be Sedated, Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio, Beat on the Brat, Blitzkrieg Bop, & We’re A Happy Family

Drive one or two miles in your car with this recording blasting & you’ll be lost in memory

This record compilation was put together by indie giants WEA/Warner Bros.



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