LinkShare Can Help Musicians Profit on Apple iTunes

Recently, received A torrent of Internet traffic following the news coverage of many major e-commerce sites’ decisions to end affiliate relations with the State of California. An unethical move from my POV. should reverse their decision

Jan Norman. Orange County Register

Wow! Jan’s Norman’s blog story on the Orange County Register was highlighted by the Drudge Report, & she told me her blog received more hits on that particular story than she receives inn a regular month. This  demonstrates the importance & implications of these vital money matters with regards 2 retailers, affiliates, & advertisers

It’s clear there’s a mixed reaction from her readers near 200 posts. i confess, i personally took a jab & a punch. i.e Bob calling me a “tool” and A fallacious comment by Wellington, who manages 2 expose the far side & right-wing bias of all Orange County small business owners

Columbia Broadcasting System reporter,  Dave Bryson ran a similar T.V story on local Los Angles CBS2 News/KCAL 9 plus Mike Luery followed suit on CBS13/CW31 Sacramento

Damn. Reality T.V kicks my ass. Gee, My teeth are more brown that the Governor of California. Times ripe 2 invest in a Reach toothbrush, a tube of Crest toothpaste, & a trip to the Dr Phil Emerson, my dentist. Camera adds 100 lbs 2 my shock & awe

Inn regards to the retired associates programs, i confess i’m chicken soup.  Politics & big business aside, i just want to continue selling music, particualy mine, on the Internet, & from within California. i rest my case

Butt being A self-proclaimed Internet leader on the alternative music blogosphere scape, i set out to find A simple fix 2 problems over which i’ve no control

First i did dig deep around Bing & Yahoo! search engines, & finally i did stumble upon LinkShare. LinkShare supply the affiliate program to Apple iTunes

Use the active link on the bottom right column to click through to LinkShare 4 now. Feel free to pick up a magazine subscription from Barnes & Noble Along The Way

LinkShare appears to be A great alternative solution 4 independent musicians. You can create deep links within iTunes selling songs, albums, apps, movies, T.V shows, & all downloadable media. They pay A straight 5% commission. LinkShare also have a separate affiliation program for Canada. I’ve put a LinkShare affiliate code on my iTunes link to my album near the top right column of my site (the iTunes button that says “Download on iTunes”

So far it’s been pretty EZY.  Big lots of cuts & paste, CODE, Fusion, butt i’ve found a few missing links here & there. Moving forward, i’ll Focus on brining all links into accord, & harmony will once again subdue recent chaos. THe drivers i wanted for my Speak Easy monitor that Peterbilt, loaded seamlessly on the mirror drive. i need to get organized

One additional LinkShare benefit for musicians, labels, & artists who currently use an iTunes aggregator such as Tunecore is that they pay fast. As much as i LUV the Tunecore distribution system for independent artists, they’re slow to pay, 60 days plus. Being A LinkShare affiliate not only adds 5% profit to your iTunes margins (approx a nickel for 99 cents only songs), you’ll also get paid quick smart on the affiliate portion of the order (three days). This can help increase your cash flow by receiving payment faster to pay your rent, bills, & so on

In addition to Apple iTunes, LinkShare is also the affiliate partner 4 Barnes & Noble,, Second Spin, 1-800, Flowers, & 600 other Internet retailers. Missing from their list of partners is Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, Zzounds, & the like

There is A link to LinkShare on the bottom right column of this page. Yes, it’ got a referral fee of $1.50 for everyone who signs up from that link! te he he

Anyhowz, here’s A few interesting side issues that came up from feedback during the whole drama.

The song (sound bite) I played on the news was called Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) - Everyone Makes A Meaningful Mistakefrom the album Everyone Makes A Meaningful Mistake Everyone Makes A Meaningful Mistake - Mighty Fleiss Radio. Mexican folk seem to like the Chiquita Banana line lots. Use link on top right to listen & or buy on 7″ 45rpm vinyl record by Paypalicon. icon

& For those who had 2 Ask, the PC computer on my desk was a Dell Studio 15, & Guitar A Yamaha APX. Yeah!

Go buy 7 of each cause i’m on the payroll baby!





The artwork on the wall near the piano on the news roll was not painted by me. Rather by Dean Buchanen, an artist from New Zealand

p.s Blast this story round using my trademark “Spread the Word : Universal” blog pump

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