The Biggest Loser!

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Glenn Richards ak Glen ugly Naughty (Gun) on CBS/KCAL News

Crushed by the wheels of industry. Another Internet site hits hard @ GuN

Click to watch the story of vs the State of California & the affiliates sandwiched in the middle.

Viewed on KCAL Los Angeles & CBS News

Dave Bryan Reports

13 Responses to The Biggest Loser!

  1. Why is it Amazon’s fault that California passed a law that targeted them? Why blame industry when Amazon’s response was exactly the same as it was every other time this tactic was tried?

    Insanity. When you do the same thing several times, expecting a different outcome each time. New York, North Carolina, Illinois, and other states have tried this, and the result was always the same. Amazon shut down any affiliates that were in the state. So California expects Amazon to do differently? Why would they? What makes California so special?

    • Perhaps it’s fair to say Gov Jerry Brown took AIM butt Jeff Bezos pulled the trigger

      Like you, all the associates agreements plus mine , canceled by the issuer, not the state. They use their affiliates as hostages to negotiate is my guess

      i dont know much bout taxes or the other states but the action taken against the associates was a raw deal for any small business


  2. Cali SucksShit says:

    I’m GLAD Amazon kicked your dumbass off. Your shit sucks anyway you fuck face. Stupid Califaggots.

  3. Ham Bone says:

    Yo…thank gawd in hebbin for Amazon standing up for what’s right. Why don’t you get bent out of shape over the idiots who caused the problem, Jerry Brown and his tax-crazed, hubris-filled azzhats? Oh, I get it — you’re one of those people who think everyone else is yours to do with as they please…in other words, a liberal.

    • WTF! i’m not really a liberal, although i share sum common liberal ideas & reject others. If my associates agreement was cancelled & i’m pissed off, how does that make me a liberal. Askmark

  4. klc says:

    It is unfortunate that your business is affected by your legislature. This is not the fault of other businesses outside of your state.

    I support Amazon’s position – If you want to continue internet business in CA, go ahead. This is a business decision regarding the tax burden imposed by the state. I’m frankly surprised that there are still businesses willing to tolerate the hassle.

    Obviously, since business entities pay no tax personally, it is the consumer doing business in CA that ultimately pays this increased cost.

    I wonder how long this can last – we left CA in 1971.

    • Thank you 4 your regards,

      i’d add all business is affected by it’s legislature, not just California & not just Internet, for better or worse.

      i’ve read several positions on this issue today but but still maintain that a business decision is a decision of a business, not the state. Always & without question

  5. FourFootCunt says:

    Sorry bro, you got hosed by Big Box Retail stores like Target, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart…just as much as you got hosed by our knee-jerk reaction legislature and governor.

    Big Box Stores paid for this bill and lied to small businesses saying that it would force Amazon to be taxed so they would get behind it. You can start looking for affiliate programs to pop up from the Big Box Stores who will swoop in on Amazon’s loss.

    Amazon made their position clear from the very beginning this bill was introduced that it would bring in no tax revenue to California and thousands of affiliates would be screwed out of a source of income.

  6. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    You got screwed by California, not Amazon.

    Amazon (and every other business) should react however it sees fit to increased regulations and taxes. Maybe when enough businesses leave to other states with better government, then California (and so many of the voters) will catch a clue.

    Did you vote for Brown or any of those other big government idiots?

  7. Gerry says:

    Sorry there, fella, but California obviously does not want a business friendly climate. I’m sick and tired of the high taxes and now the fees are going through the rooof again with this new budget, it’s Grey Davis all over again. The big box stores that pushed this through the legislature aren’t even based in Cali, but places like Fayetteville Arkansas, where they get tax incentives! This bill screwed you, but it screws every consumer in California as well.

    • i disagree…the last occasion i heard associates used in A retail environment was when i was standing on the Tide Aisle 7 waiting for a blue light special

      i agree something sinister seems afoot…something deceptive


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