It’s Curtains 4; K.O



My Mission is Clear, CBS did block my America Online blog post from Scottsdale. LAME. No Censorship!!!

mY! NEXT Target Store is Scottsdale’s Arizona. MayoClinic, Fox Sports, ESPN, HBO, Russia Today, Wall Street, plus Playboy Channel, Fiesta, so to speak

Get a clue BoB, they’ll blame you, they’ll never suspect me. te he he. i’m like The Penguin with Jedi Powers…only Spoken Word. Corporate Sabotage. Schultz. I know nothing!!! Your voice wobbles on the phone. Get an AT&T secure line my friend cause the chicken Chase has just run the coop

Jan Brewer does not run a business friendly state when she lets her bully CEO’s steal from investors & extort small Fargo business owners. She thinks Bob’s 2 big, got the upper hands, the trump card. Lies. That’s US

Arizona needs a governor with backbone, not the cowardly LLioness hiding & waiting near the corner post. Bob Parsons needs A Roast from Jan Brewer…A spanking!!!

read this & you decide

Does A public relations Pledge of half million dollars sound like A great idea when you screw your investors Bob (Askmark). i trust u prepaid Haiti.

Although Bob Parsons may b Prison Bound, this is a real life case of Social Distortion, simply a fuck up…pardon not .ME French


p.s i Also trust u prepaid your Public Relations firm GoDaddy

i’m goING 4 A Walk


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