Does Phoney GoDaddy Dr have terror links (askmark)

Phoney Doctor claim. “Education is the key”

Confusion.  Me 2. The clock countdown 4 the demerger has begun

“Education is the key. Teaching people the basics will lead to innovation, adaptation and eventually a better economy – I have no doubt about that,” Bob said on an excerpt from his OWN paid NWS release

Perhaps true, written by a PR novice, not Bob, but is Bob really a humanitarian (askmark)

So Bob talks the talk, but does he walk the walk…

Wrote Chris Crum from Web Pro News If you’re curious about Parsons’ Dr. title, he received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of Baltimore in 2008, according to The Arizona Republic

Then Y! did he shoot an elephant with his company brand centerpiece (askmark)

Turns out he doesnt know Jack bout education, in fact he’s an Arizona  union buster with Birther idiot Steve Smith. He’s A C word. Pardon my French

FBI, CIA, Interpol, & MI6 r looking into suspicious Al Quada, Taliban, Hamas, IRA & terror monies that may have links 2, Big Daddy may b Prison Bound

Don’t b surprised 2 see a demerger

p.s i want the book rights plus first right to refusal on screen play


Double Barrel

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