Round Up for Charity: Round em up & “shoot em dead” Bob

“Scummiest CEO of the Year” Bob Parsons (accord: PETA records), from partly owned by Big Daddy, is no humanitarian. Despite his focus on efforts to buy great publicity, (A half million bucks) of his investors fusion money to Haiti (within itself a noble cause), it’s clear the faltering DNR & Internet host company chief does not have a brain on his head. He’s hopeless

It’s overly obvious. It’s still clear. There’s only so many times you can drag your investor friends through the muddy waters & expect a pat on the back. When you RIP off your customers & extort them in universal immoral business conduct, heads will roll. Surrounding your corrupt business with politicians like Jim Lane (R) (Mayor of Scottsdale, AZ), Jan Weber (Gov of the State of Arizona) & Birther idiot Senator Steve “the joke” Smith may bring temporary shelter from the rain, but not A concrete solution as required .   

Bob Parson states ” …I don’t really care what people think about me…”. It’s a shame. Cause your talking about your investors, customers, potential customers & profit Bob. Anyhow, it’s obvious you don’t care. That’s Y! things are the way they are & you lose. Get on the bus with Morgan, otherwise get off, it’s the final destination.

If your Public Relations firm haven’t told you yet Bob, get “InterPublic” for real help. It’s not just your competitors taking you down, it’s your own kind, your own ally, because you don’t care. We all do.  We care about race cars, Ford, Honda, Chevy, Dodge, Nascar. We care about the future reputation of models like Danica Patrick. We care about the reputation of future NFL stars. We care about the big corporate banks like Fargo, Chase, US Bank. We care about the little independent business guy, the type  you screw over with a sucker punch Bob. Business requires trust. We also care about the elephants in Zimbabwe.  You don’t!

Sorry Bob. Your animal abuse & treatment of fellow human being disqualifies you as a humanitarian. It’s Paramount. Do not pass Go! Do not Collect $200.00

Round Up for Charity. Round em up & shoot em dead Bob cause your a fake & you shake your voice on  the phone!

Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
With a Blunderbus of the heart in  the wind


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