Betty and the Werewolves: Teatime Favorites

Call me an old softie 4 indie pop tunes & you’d be right.

The debut album Teatime Favorites by Betty & The Werewolves is a lush mix of pure pop genius. It’s really not surprising given the sounds & success of their first two 7″ 45rpm singles, David Cassidy & Euston Station.

Emily’s gentle female vox blend well with the twanky twee guitar sounds, tight beats, bass, & keyboards on sum tracks. “Paper Thin” is an instantly likable melodic song, & “The Party” really picks up the pace.

If you like indie music with female vocals like Frente, The Cranberries, & The Sundays you will like Betty and The Werewolves.

Note the English spelling of Favourite vs the US Favorite. No U

Click image or here to view Teatime Favorites on iTunes

Artist: Betty & The Werewolves  (From London U.K)
Title : Teatime Favourites
Format: iTunes
Label: Damaged Goods Records 

Submission by Stephen Rudderham
via Royal Mail
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K


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