Zine Review: Mild Peril

i was sent a killer zine by Royal Post called Mild Peril. A few stamps on an envelope, a flight across the Atlantic, the Great Plains & here it is in freezing
California (December Winter Chills).

Certainly it’s an interesting read. It’s a Norwich (United Kingdom) local punkzine/skate zine with lots of talk bout their local growing music scene.

It’s 48 pages of paper & ink are well laid out & printed clean so it’s easy to read. Topics include bands, skating, a story bout a knife, gardening notes, tatoo art jokes, & Lucy’s Perilous Recipie for Vegan Carrot cake. mmm delicious.

In sum, it’s a thin digest like zine with lots of interesting tidbits in addition to the standard band interviews & record reviews.

Guess if u wanna corner the market & reach out to the English Norwich punks you’ll be glad 2 know a 1/2 page ad is only a fiver (Sterling).

Submission by Stephen Rudderham
via Royal Mail
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K

Review by
Heidelberg Van Phillips
Staff Writer

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