Y! the major label conspiracy will fail & all will herald Mighty Fleiss Radio

This is the body

Argumentum ad Misercordiam (appeal to pity) 

Dear God
cc: Jesse Ventura (Conspiracy Theory)

I trust this letter finds you in great health & spirits

My  name is Glen ugly Naughty (GuN), lead singer & creative mind leader of Mighty Fleiss Radio. Please understand, know that as i write, i’m in a jam, face to face with a pickle. It’s a situation i wish i could dodge butt it’s avoidance only delays the inevitable

If you are reading this message know that the major labels have failed to silence my voice of protest. Upon Discovery of the underground success of my iTunes song “Noble & Kings (Get Closer)”, all major labels including Universal Music, Epic, EMI, Warner Music Group have conspired to wipe out independent music in it’s entirety, leaving behind a baron dole world of main street pop like Lady GaGa, 50 cent, Kylie Mynogue, & Britney Spears

This is the blood

Argumentum ad Baculum (Appeal to force)

Back down major labels!!! You can’t bully the Mighty Fleiss Radio fat boy round no moore. Evidence (as security) has beanz seized from WikiLeaks including e-mail, newspaper clippings, printed blog copies, trash diving exhibits, & Oval Office secret taped recordings. All things considered, it’s a sure sign of a world wide scope conspiricy spreading like cancer; this dastardly plot could possibly reach as far as the United Nations, parking global leadership morality in Jeopody. Heads will roll from the chopping block (not excluding Barak Obama) Waiting…Knitting

Breath easy. Jesse Ventura has assured me any further attempt to hinder my story from safe passage to the free press will result in a SmackDown! 

Remember Me

As i lay dying, hiding from corrupt CIA agents, & FBI loyalists @ the Holiday Inn, please do not tip the Major Labels off as to my whereabouts (Room 714) . One must first filter the spin, eyes dart like radar & paste clues like a magnet billboard. The big takeover is emminent. The last big wheel punkrockdemo faces extinction, on this… the new music express bridge to nowhere…

Arthur!…of course…i shouda known…y’all in on it too! 

As the world turns & this golden chain of uncertain events unravels…please excuse my quick departure. i must Fly like The Wind & The Breeze. Fargo Lays On Horizon & i must meat with Stanley Freeman, Dell, Mac & Moe. Weather permitting

Yours in utter utter desperation,

Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
p.s going 4 adds


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