Book Review: The Philosophy of Language

The Philosophy of Language is essential Reading; A book 4 all todays & tomorrows writers especially lyricists of worth

Wot is language (askmark), Wot does language mean (askmark), is Language “Flawless & Relative” or “A Universal Truth” (askmark) K

Why does Dick Lucas from Sub-Hum-Ans (U.K) or even Willie Nelson (US) stand out as lyricists; could it b cause they bee leaders of contemporary philosophies; lost in deep philosophy of languageology

Be warned! This book does not contain all the answers although it tackles many philosophical problems in language including truth, meaning, logic, and should be considered an academic text book of Cambridge or Oxford caliber; not a laymans guide to writing lyrics

The book is a collection of essays and thesis’ from world renown leaders in The Philosophy of Language including Gottlob Frege, Alonzo Church, Donald Davidson, Bertrand Russell, David Kaplan, & Noam Chomsky

Friends, if you still doubt the existence of Russells “existant round square”, how mistaken u r; 4 deep with the secret crypt of UCLA’s Dodd hall lies the truth of the written word revealed

The Philosophy of Language
by A.P Martinich
Oxford University Press


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