“Mighty Fleiss Radio” Live: Three Hour Tour

Mighty Fleiss Radio (formerly The Fleiss) will play A full Acoustasonic gig @ Tropics in Fullerton, California, Sunday November 28th, 2010, 9PM with a mash up of other cool bands like Action 45

Door price is $5.00 per Observer. Pool table, Killer Jukebox, & MGD, Guiness, Newcastle Brown plus wicket spirits. Ask Jack bout The Specials on Absolut, Rum, & Baileys Irish Cream

GuN benefit 2 raise money 4 a new pair of Doc Marten shoes & protest UC tuition hikes; The Clash with The Police

Current Test Set List includes but not limited 2…

Noble & Kings
Stanley Freeman (Eccentric Bugle Champion & Defender)
Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-BILLIONAIRE)
Argumentum Ad Misercordiam (Buy Fleiss 45′s)
Fargo on Horizon (waiting for Moe)
Forever 21 (Lillies on the casket)
The Worldwide Fleiss Tour (Fleiss can’t play the Warped Tour)
A Wall Street Toy (Dratt that Young Bloody Murdoch!)
Anarchy on A Small Business Blog (Jan Normans Blog)
One Miller Sun (orange jackets on the grassy knoll)
Nirvana #4 (Santa Monica Classic Club Mix)
Reid Magazines
I’ve Disappeared – limited edition from 7″ 45rpm
A Whore Called Renee – clear vinyl b side from 7″ 45rpm
John Peel Session Records
World Wide Religion

No assholes

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