Jango.com data mining tools indicate low cost DIY records can Fly on iTunes

by Gay Murdoch
Call for Papers


Jango.com data mining tools indicate low cost DIY records can Fly on iTunes

 (Beverly Hills, CA) Mighty Fleiss Radio, an independent recording artist from Beverly Hills California, has self-released their full-length debut album titled “Everyone Makes A Meaningful Mistake” offering Global distribution on Apple iTunes. The DIY record consists of nine (9) demo’s and high quality Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) recordings captured & released on inexpensive disc based consumer products.
 Based on initial Jango.com Airplay research data, the acoustic indie-pop recording project forecasts an outlook of 30,000 passive paid downloads per annum on iTunes, an anomaly for DIY ethics artists. Furthermore, unexpected research stats indicate a surprising approval rating & fan crossover of females age 17-34 & males age 35-54 who are also fans of The Clash, New Order, Joy Division, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, & The Beatles.
 The importance of this record lays within its production value hitherto independent recorder technique; thus it’s unique style. Although it’s produced on the smell of an oily rag, the sound quality is acceptable to most real indie pop and alternative music fans. Suzuki Lee Mitsubishi, the producer of the album’s first single called “Anarchy On A Small Business Blog (Jan Norman’s Blog)”, utilized Cakewalk Guitar Tracks software ($99.00), a Shure SM57 microphone ($99.00), an M-Audio Mobile Pre USB Sound card ($149.00), and Sony Walkman cans ($99.00) all from his bedroom studio-block sessions in Tokyo Japan. All of these relatively low-cost recording products are staple items from most musical instrument retailers such as Musicians Friend, Best Buy, Guitar Center & Sam Ash.

 The complete track number nine (9), a rough demo mix of “Stanley Freeman” was simply recorded on a Samson Zoom H4 Handy Recorder ($299). Similar models are also offered by Tascam, & Boss. The song is perfectly raw & it’s teenage spirit demonstrates potential material fit for Billboard chart toppers. Stand alone (as it is)…it’s ready treat for indie die hards.

 “Cars are a great place to monitor your rough mix indie fashion” says Mighty Fleiss Radio singer Glen ugly Naughty (ak GuN) referring to his hot pink & black Zephyr Zodiac racecar. “I burn 4 mixes of each song to CD-R and then I start driving south on Interstate 5 towards Disney & Knott’s Berry Farm with my dog; Oakley Radar Range sunglasses shield the bright lights so I can focus my hearing aid on timbre & tone. I listen to each mix a few times so I can judge the songs’ merit as most ordinary folk would; on your new car stereo’s speakers. I pick the best cuts of each mix to master as the published work.”    

 In addition to the gear on the list, the famed street performer recommends that absolute beginners buy & read a book called “Modern Recording Technique” by David Miles Huber & Robert E. Runstein. He describes the book as a Goldmine of tips & tricks for both new and experienced recording artists. A sound engineering class at your community college can also help develop valuable skills such as microphone placement, multi-track recording, mixing, bouncing, bussing, & mastering. One should also register with College Music Journal (CMJ.com) to stay current.

 With the approaching season’s greetings, Hanukah or Christmas presents might be the ticket to ride. Who knows, if you are nice (fake it if you’re snarky), you might be surprised to find out how snuggly a Cakewalk Sonar Producer software box fits wrapped up as a gift under your Douglas Fir. Thanks Santa! Enjoy the chocolate milk & cookies Jackass!

 “Be realistic with initial great expectations”.  Glen Naughty offers a stern warning to fans. “Everyone Makes A Meaningful Mistake, but only if you learn from experience. To repeat mad taxing royal blunders is a no go. It only dictates certain chaos & doom”.


The track listing and iTunes link is


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