Chase the New Band Leader of Independent Music Technique

“Mighty Fleiss Radio” (Formerly The Fleiss) is now A solo Acoustasonic gig based in Beverley Hills, California.  

GuN plays Blues Band Harmonica - click to view on iTunes


It’s not just A rumor blowin in The Wind  

 Wow! Homeless!!! Glen ugly Naughty (GuN) now sleeps on the torn up sofa bed of Will Smith’s Guest Townhouse Garage. Until GuN get back on his feet it’s Party Time till the Dawn Sunrise.  

 Catchy acoustic pop tunes that breed Yamaha guitar blend sounds like a banana milk shake in your ears (Did someone say “take your Johnson Risperdal” rhetorical askmark). Lyrics of Creative mood swing produce emotions of Joy & comedy (The Worldwide Fleiss Tour, A Whore Called Renee), plus new songs demonstrate A darker, more meaningful side to Mighty Fleiss Radio where the songs offer a deep institute of philosophy bites(Anarchy On A Small Business Blog – Jan Norman’s Blog). Checkout “A Wall Street Toy”. It’s WordPerfect from Staples  

 Think Brit Pop, inide Pop, alternative, comedy butt given it’s unique style i Guess it’s got it’s own vibe & genre.  

 With a Spin on, WRIR Richmond Viginia, Indie 103.1 plus more; Mighty Fleiss Radio breath new life with their “new & improved” musical vision & art. It’s Going for Adds Countrywide.  

 Their first full length, “Everyone Makes a Meaningful Mistake” is a collection of sound recordings & songs from 7″ 45’s & demo tapes of smoking Early Times sessions  

Global distribution availble via iTunes  

Produced by Tom Ford & Goldman Q Weiss  

Music & Lyris by Glen ugly Naughty

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