Tiny Master of Today – Pop Chart 7″ 45 rpm– Mute Records

Review by Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)

I don’t know much bout the Tiny Masters of  Today except a copy of the single on 7″ vinyl arrived @ my Post Office Box via United Kingdom’s Royal Mail a few tinymastersoftodayfrontjacketweeks ago.  Stephen Rudderham had been to the Cambridge HMV & being the great guy he is bought some records as a gift & mailed me a few 45’s. Turns out this indie pop band is from New York City though. Now there’s A big lots of trucking & flying to get this 7″ 45 to California.

 The jacket artwork is superior to most releases especially the back with i. heart New York on what looks like a tombstone, wild wild west, free, cat pix,  bunny cartoon, girl in tears & mother’s care 4 her baby with Huggies. Props to the jacket designer Ben Frost

tinymastersoftodaybackThe A Side song is Pop Chart & is a cool catchy tune. It’s indie pop as it’s supposed to be.  With it’s slight distortion on it’s guitars, male & female vocals, it’s a reminder for me of the B52’s LUVshack type song or close to that whole frontline of pop genius.  In addition, A unique factor of the song’s rhythm used to great effect is the keyboards making a cool digital effect similiar to wot players of a Pac-Man game would hear. It’s not clear within the lyrics which pop chart the singer is referring to butt one must assume it’s either the Top of the Pops, Rolling Stone or the Billboard pop chart mania that the teeny & tweeny boppers all adore. In sum it’s a fun, Fresh & EZY 2 listen 2.

Now i open the Crosley stand alone turntable & flip flop to the B side of the 7″ called Furry Pantz. The song starts with a cool drum beat as the record spins a cool almost mono-tone indie song does emerge with the hook line “I don’t know what you want” repeated throughout most of the song. It’s not the classic B side thats a trump on the A side but still worth to add on to your mixed tape.

Overall, i like this 45 & it’s a great introduction to Tiny Masters of Today & I’ll give it a second spin.


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