It’s EZY 2 cope with Social Security cuts

September 1, 2013

Its easy. Its clear. Seniors & disabled just cut coupons. You might even move up A ring or two on the social ladder of change



Funny How Life is

August 3, 2013

I’m watching power station implode

Day NBC pulls plug on Hour of Power is same day as official funding ends on anti-gay marriage prop 8

Connect the dots

I wonder wot is next NBC Pilot

Common Schuller, you’re A man with robes that SAG. Tell the truth. Your flock & your fired shills deserve an explanation

Robinson Armament GuN

Bad Monopoly down pipeline

August 3, 2013

Great grievous concern run amok

If Silverlake take over Dell Computer will this create vertical Monopoly

Bad deal if Security & Exchange Commission, SEC pass this & shareholders plus consumers can expect bad deal too

Great products though, Studio

Where is The Apology & The Truth!

August 3, 2013

Breaking News!

An hour of power outages @ Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center threatens patients Life

Updates every hour on this story as Prime Healthcare Service locations spread

Can i get an eye witness!!!

BMI offer worthless products

June 7, 2013

Stay away

nuff said


BMI music license renewal letter is collections letter scam – fuck BMI

June 7, 2013

I remember when Time Magazine sent me bogus collections letters, saying i owe them money 4 subscription, when really…they took assumption i would pay new subscription because i felt their dishonest marketing pressure. Thats Y! i never buy Time Magazine anymore…sucks

If you buy (prepay) prorate BMI music license 4 your website, they run same scam…”prorated” means you own what remains…

The Song Remains the Same however…Zeppelin…Batman…don’t pay BMI if you don’t owe them shit!!! If they rip off their customers, no doubt the rip off their artists too

Hey BMI, Go join John Chiang & Sacramento with your “bill 4 nothing” collections

I’m sure BMI’s collection agency (aka “subscription renewal service”) can find room on corner table with Time Magazine this Christmas & discuss declining subscription rates

All music licensing companies r same now


Gatling GuN

GoDaddy stole my identity

May 23, 2013

who AM i

where is my name

GoDaddy stole my identity

my name is my identity

return my name

returm my identity


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